A lecture for a BINS youth exchange, March 2020

  1. How do we REALLY communicate in 2020

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2. Fake news

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Twitter, Facebook, Karlovački list,


Pope Francis:


Barack Obama:


Tools for deconstructing:


Add-ons and plugins:

Light shot – For making screenshots     

 RevEye Search – For “right click” reverse image search integrated into shell    

InVID Verification- For bacic verification of videos and images     


Web tools

Forensically – Clone detection, ELA, noice detection, EXIF, GPS…

FotoForensics – ELA, metadata, GPS

Ghiro – All in 1, great tool, but hard to setup

WolframAlpha – Weather conditions, math, chemistry, unit conversion

SunCalc – Moving of the sun, shadows, sunrise, sundown

ImageVerification – Similar to inVid, but web based


Photo 1 – Movie projection


Find model of the camera that made this photo.

*Bonus assignement: Where is the event happening and i what is going to be played on screen in the next minutes.



Photo 2 – Bus ride



The assignement is to discover the location of the bus.



Photo 3 – The Airplane selfie



Check authenticity.




Photo 4 – UFO



Confirm that this is a manipulation.
Are there any cloned elements here?





Photo 5 – Even one is too much


Explain forensic data.






For practice and homework (if you want to)

Photo A – Antivirus i compromising a source

You got a tip that journalist inserted a photo directly from his phone to a website. Where is John McAfee?

Photo A


Photo C – railway crossing


Your newsroom got a tip that in Rumenački put street, a railway crossing malfunctioned while a train was crossing. Use the date from the photography name. Where exactly the photo was taken from?




Fotografija D – Hot atmosphere



You got a photo and a tip that football hooligans blocked a street last night after Vojvodina – Spartak football game. Do a factcheck.